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But can't ever seem to find:

I wanna see like cute dog girls and big mean cat people together.

like the cat person could be tormenting the former or smooching them up either is good I just wanna see big cat dudes and smol doges
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I don't usually tend to bring up my real life on here but the situation in my real world is becoming more and more intolerable.

It's like this, see? I'm 25 years old. And employed, in a REAL job. Pays okay too. 

But my PARents are... it's like... where do I even begin? They're horribly convinced my online activities and furry art are a detriment to my social life and skills and that they've already ruined my life. Consequently they never leave me alone and they're always passing judgement about everything I do

Talking with scorn about any time i spend in my room alone. 

It's gotten to the point i flinch at their approach in my room or their voice. Which they, of course, use as evidence I'm doing something bad and terrible. Their presence in my room shoots my tension out the roof.

so I've taken to using the computer late at night with the lights off. While they're asleep. There's been some close calls when they come by to check on me but they've never caught me...

until last night when my mom apparently stood quietly outside my room at 2 fucking AM and listened to me type. 

I managed to convince her it was something else but? Seriously, what the FUCK. 

It's just too much, I can't fucking take it. My chest hurts. and right now so does my head.
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Let's talk about our ideas/proposals for a spiritual successor to Happy Tree Friends if we have them.

I've been mulling over a number of ideas for a spiritual successor myself, but I'm afraid that if I did make one, I wouldn't be able to resist the urge to really muck it up with all my own fetishes and aesthetic preferences which would make such a spiritual successor highly alien and inaccessible to many people who were/are part of HTF's audience and basically it would end up... not having a lot in common with HTF really.

Basically though? there'd be cute furries, weird monsters, and horrific landscapes. That sounds innocent enough on paper but you haven't seen what I'd try to do if I actually went through with that plan.

ALTERNATIVELY: if you personally got a chance to REVIVE HTF, what changes would you make?

Let's face it, there are a number of things about HTF that could be better or improved, and there are a number of things about HTF that didn't need to exist at all in the first place. Among other things, if I got to change Happy Tree Friends I would:
  • expand Giggles' role from being an armcandy prop to a more active character (probably expand upon the sort of things she did in Dunce Upon A Time and Every Litter Bit Hurts where she has a starring and very active role)
  • Eliminate Flippy because he's cringey edgy shit also because Lammy does everything he does better
  • Perhaps have more girls.
  • maybe change up the style to have more than one body type

ALTERNATIVELY ALTERNATIVELY: are there any other works that are similar enough to HTF (either inspired by it or otherwise) that we can also get into

The closest thing I can find to HTF that isn't HTF is Al Columbia's work- he combines a cutesy Fleischeresque look with gore, horror, and some very gross and horrific subject matter- And I'm speaking with particular reference to his Pim and Francie comics, which feature a duo of cute kids who get into trouble and CAUSE trouble

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Name: Hedgehodge. Sometimes Hedge. Sometimes Sego. People who can't English or are trying to piss me off call me Hedgehog. 
Age: 25
Birthday: April 14th
Star Sign: Aries ♈ 
MBTI: I don't mind personality tests but MBTI tests are somehow REALLY TEDIOUS so I've never completed a MBTI test
Gender: male/uncertain (possibly agender? I don't know)
Sexual Orientation: Asexual, and possibly Biromantic? I do not feel strongly attracted to anyone and when I do it does not seem to be restricted in terms of gender?
Relationship status: single and hoping to stay that way, but my mom's not having any of it.
School: School's out! Don't have to deal with any of that shit anymore.
Majoring in: Graduated. I did a B.Eng in Electrical Engineering, though I wanna pursue a Masters in something Computer related
Career: Currently working as a Programmer. Hoping I can get into game dev


Eye color: brown
Height: 5'10" to 5'11" (178 to 180 cm)
Body Type: I seem to be perfectly normal but my mom keeps making a fuss over my weight- my shoulders are also fairly wide so I probably look bigger i don't know
Natural Hair color: brown? it looks black though
Dyed hair color: No but I kinda want to though
Hair style: Straight
Piercings: none
Tattoos: none
Makeup: hmmmm, not right now but I wouldn't rule it out.
Clothing Style: I prefer greys, blacks and blues and I dislike wearing shorts unless I'm sleeping


Nationality: Pakistani
Ethnicity: I'm a curry-smelling bitch. JK I don't really know- I think I'm a "Muhajir"- Both of my parents families hail from India though my grandparents and parents were mostly born here... my dad's family apparently has some Pushtun blood and my mom's family is apparently from Hyderabad Deccan?
Current residence: Pakistan
Places visited: Singapore for studies, Germany when I was really little because my dad was posted there for a bit
- English
- Urdu (wishing I was better at it)


Living With: with my parents and sister (though my sister is out because studies)
Pets: A pair of Labradors my parents adopted. they're adorable 
Family Members: Too many.

Lifestyle & Hobbies

Hobbies: art, game development, programming?, gaming,
Sports: Not right now, the most physical activity I get these days is walking the dogs daily. A while ago I used to jog and play squash but I haven't in a while
Music: OH MAN I don't discriminate when I listen to tunes. Though I have a special fondness for Progressive Rock and Metal (and particularly the work of one Devin Townsend), and for like, Liquid Dubstep and Synthwave. Also for Witch House and Vaporwave music, and Space rock/Post-rock. 
Religion/Beliefs: I used to be a Muslim but my religious beliefs have become more... Agnostic. And I'm not really STRICT about prayer and/or fasting. My political beliefs are super left-leaning and anti-capitalistic. I try to do as little harm as possible but I take a strong stance against things that are harmful or unjust. I'm basically what the kids might call a "SJW" though I think I'd roll as a Paladin instead of a Warrior if I were you
Drink/Smoke/Drugs: none.


Favorite color: Indigo, Navy Blue, Teal, Crimson, Mint green, Bluish shades of Violet, sometimes pink and magenta. 
Favorite animals: Caracals (fancy asshole elf cats), Moths (fuzzy buddies), Owls (flying marshmallows full of rage), Spiders, Bees, Hyenas 
Favourite games: Right now my favorite games are Steamband, Warframe and Freedom Planet. I got a soft spot for the Sonic franchise and for Turrican
Favorite movies: Equilibrium, Blade Runner, Zootopia, Wreck-It Ralph, Bajirao Mastani
Favourite food: Biryani, Almost all Pakistani BBQ, Beef burgers if you do em well, corn snacks, baked goods that have blueberries or lemon in em,
Favourite drinks: Lassi, any kind of grape-flavored soda (Fanta Grape and Mounain Dew: Pitch Black come to mind), Pakola (it's a bright green ice cream soday you get here), Cappucinos, Black Coffee sometimes
Fandoms: I seem to flit around between fandoms so I can't really give you an answer here

Dislikes, etc:

Least favorite food: Not sure I have one? I don't really care for cucumbers though (pickles are fine however)
Bad habits: I'm not sure?
Pet peeves: When people are racist or homophobic BUT NOT QUITE on an outrageous KKK or Westboro Baptist Church level and/or still get really butthurt when you tell them they might be doing something homophobic or racist unintentionally. The kind of person who uses "attack helicopter" jokes unironically and or tries and frames you as being in the wrong for getting offended about anything or caring about anything. MRAs. 


Drawing programs: Adobe Photoshop, MS-PAINT, FireAlpaca, Paint.NET
Tablet: it's an Intuos!
Details: I love putting hair or tufts on furry bodies and I love soft, chubby body types (or big buff ones) and from what I can tell I seem to have developed a thing for ponytails and ribbons
Themes: Furries, Monsters (usually partly robotic/cyborg monsters or angelic ones), scifi-esque landscapes, violence/gore,
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I saw the film Equilibrium on TV after a long time and the coats the “Clerics” in that film sport remind me strongly of the one I draw Sego wearing rn, and their vibe sort of reminds me of some of the ideas I have for Sego.

…for some reason this only reminds me how different Sego and Doggy’s designs are. Sego looks like he walked out of some dystopic science fiction setting, and Doggy… looks like she came from a 90s-2000s thing for kids involving going on a fantasy adventure?? I don’t know?

What do I do with this? Try and make them more coherent? Play around with it? what?

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It's actually just a thinly veiled attempt to collect as many drawings of pink chipmunk wife as possible
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I tried playing a roguelike game a few days ago called “Halls of Mist” because it was one of the few I could find that had furry races (in the case of this one, it has cats, frogs, lizards, wolves, mice, goats and BEARS) 

  • one of the things I did as soon as I got it running was try and roll a character of the mouse people race who was a girl and a Ranger and name her “Giggles”
  • I ended up dying very fast every time I played her lmao
  • I also rolled a cat dude templar named “Sego” who met his head at the hands of an enemy called a “Headless” (AYYy lmao)
  • at some point I made Giggles a Rogue instead because race/class bonuses and actually got really far compared to many of my other attempts
  • I also rolled a lizard boy named “Jessy” but he died fast too

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I'm going to design a creature that is deeply unpleasant and disgusting.

I'm gonna do that by taking the fursonas/animals that douchebags tend to gravitate towards and mutating them into a discombobulated fuckboy animal

So, regardless of if or it not you're a furry, if you’ve met ANYONE in the furry fandom who is a jerk or a very unpleasant person:

  • PM me what species their fursona was if they had one
  • if their fursona is a “hybrid” make note of that and tell me what animals they’re comprised of

  • if their fursona is a fictional/mythical animal make note of that too
  • PM me about how they were a jerk to you

also things i need to note for this project:

  • if the person in question was  bigoted so if they’re a misogynist or a transphobe or a racist or a homophobe do mention that
  • same goes for ableism and fat-shaming
  • if they happen to subscribe to any number of MRA or “red pill” beliefs be sure to mention that as well
  • also if they have a history of harassment or sexual harassment 

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lots of changes
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it's called DIRT (kind of a working title) and it's being made in Game Maker: Studio

I've been working on it on and off in my spare time, depending on my motivation, but I think it's finally gotten to a point that I can feel comfortable giving others a demo of it.

I've even made a tumblr blog to show off the development of the game
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I mean offline I still live with my parents so I get dragged into a shitton of social interaction I don't want and then my parents act as if I've defiled some sort of sacred temple when I thus fail to abide by the 94992012 different by-laws and secret codes of irl social interaction.

and then online I at least get to choose when to interact with anyone but people still fuck around with me by metaphorically expecting me to pick up and interpret signals sent on some frequency i cannot fucking detect, 

and then getting MAD when I fail to pick up their weird subtle hoodoo and not interpret their magic words dances properly. 

Both cases- It's like I'm being dragged into a game and not given any of the rules and then people get mad when I don't play it right with them but they only tell me AFTER they've gotten pissed off that I've been breaking all the shitty rules like fuck YOU

Doesn't help that i appear to have some trouble both in paying attention to things and to remembering things.

I don't know if any of this is the result of me simply not learning these things properly when i should have or because there are genuine problems with me but it's fucking frustrating. 
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I'm not really "out" anywhere about it but I've mentioned it a couple times, so I might just talk about it properly.

I had a conversation with a friend that inspired me to talk a bit more in detail about it.

Basically, I'm asexual.

But... So far, in actually TALKING about my asexuality, I seem to have unintentionally put more focus on the part about, specifically, my being autochorissexual. I think you can consider that a subset of the whole asexual thing where you're repulsed by the idea of actually having sex with someone and/or don't feel attraction towards real people ever, but you DO seem to have a fondness for like kinks or sex fantasies (notice the emphasis on fantasies here).

Specifically, I have talked about how I'm more attracted to fictional characters than I am to people. 

So I realize, that to some- I might be unintentionally giving the impression (especially to people who don't know shit about asexuality) that I'm some kind of fuckboy beta male trying to consider myself LGBT because I get off to cartoons.

So I wanna set the record straight and talk about my asexuality RIGHT. Like, get some shit off my chest about it.

A convo with Zill made me realize I don't actually talk about how my asexuality properly- like about the ways people around me treat me and how it fucks me up because I'm asexual 


I'm in NO way trying to compare what happens to me to what happens to other LGBT+ peeps. No fucking way. I don't want to. 

I am aware basically that my asexuality would NOT get me the same sort of shit as other orientations do (accounts vary, but I've seen nothing that says acephobia is as bad as homophobia, lesbophobia, or biphobia or panphobia... not yet anyway), and I'm still a cis dude as far as I can tell, so I'm not really dealing with transphobia.

So this might seem like a bunch of whining. I'm not getting mangled or beaten or raped for being ace, so why am I even complaining? Why am I even talking about my problems when they're basically not REALLY problems??

Well, because this has kind of built up over a while and I'd like to let it out, that's why. Also, small doesn't mean nonexistent.

Okay, so the situation is like this...

Basically, I'm pretty nervous about romance and getting into relationships with real people that aren't friendships, like just the idea of doing that is a bit worrying for me. I'm pretty fucking introverted IRL too. I don't really like being introverted that much. I want to talk to and connect with people more. but then actually attempting it is like... I fuck up a lot.

And, the idea of myself having sex with a real person, for real, also makes me a bit anxious. Mostly because so far in my 24 years of existence I've not met anyone I've really developed a crush on or felt THAT strongly for in THAT way. And even if I did I STILL probably would be reluctant about the idea of actually fucking them.

Well, actually, I kind of alternate between "I don't get why this is such a big deal" to "I probably REAALLY don't want that for myself" about sex and relationships, most of the time

I can LIVE with this. But what makes the situation worse, what basically pees into my soup, is that my parents EXPECT me to get married and have kids.

And like every time they talk about it, it's usually in the context of "I'm an incomplete, irresponsible human being, and getting a wife and kids will make me whole"

... but I don't want that. I don't want kids. I don't want to get married. And... I resent the implication that I'm incomplete and broken without a wife and kids. That just basically shits all over... everything about me. Like what about my art? what about my interests? what about EVERYTHING ELSE ABOUT ME? What the fuck, man??

I try to bring this up, I try to tell them, I'm not really attracted to girls, which makes them ask if I'm gay. But I'm not attracted to boys either.... But then they fail to proceed to "I'm not attracted to either boys or girls" like they logically would.

And in general... It just never occurs to them that maybe their idea of a "normal" adult life isn't THAT great for everyone.

Of course- Part of my reluctance to having a wife and kids is probably a lack of confidence. I'm afraid I'll screw my kids up or I'll make my future wife miserable. I'm afraid I'll fuck them up and myself up in the process.

Or maybe... Let's be fucking real here- Taking care of a family of humans is a BIG fucking responsibility and a really BIG fucking undertaking and I'm not ready for that role nor do I want it. And expecting me to and FORCING me to is just going to result in a mess of VERY BROKEN human beings. 

and then, like I said earlier, part of me just wonders "why is this so important. WhY do I have to do this shit".

And then among my RL friends one of the first things my old school friends asked me when I met them after coming back from uni abroad was if I got a girlfriend and

Like I get it, neither my family nor these people mean me any harm, but I think they don't get that I'm not attracted to anyone and probably won't be. And that their repeated asking me this sort of stuff actually fucks me up a little every time and... I'm just very uncomfortable with it. And sadly most of my male friends with their camaraderie and ladding just don't seem to notice that I'm uncomfortable about this stuff. Probably not on purpose, though.

Anyway, the point is- I don't feel attraction towards anyone. Not in that way. But my parents and friends don't get it and keep trying to subtly force me into a life that I'm fairly sure isn't THAT right for me.

I would LIKE to speak up about it. But given how my parents react to my weird shit. I'm actually genuinely afraid they'll do something EVEN WORSE to me if I spoke out about my lack of attraction to real people.

I mean- my parents literally think I'm a fucking CHILD or being irresponsible for NOT wanting a wife and kids. They think it's something that NEEDS to happen and I'm unable to convince them of why this is a bad idea.

and you know what? I'm actually half seeing that there will be people commenting on here who will think the same. That I'm some sort of irrational undeveloped manbaby or something because "sex is what makes us human" or "sex is a basic need" or some other crap. 

Well, fuck em.

Anyway, I'm hedgehodgemonster, I'm asexual. And I'm feeling really fucked right now but I'm glad I expressed why I was feeling fucked and I feel less fucked now.
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so is it me or do "anti-SJWs" on deviantART tend to largely be either

  • shitty third-rate "edgy" artists who draw strawmen parodies of SJWs 


  • talentless hack photographers

because a few recent examples of such shitheels I've had contact with fall into those categories
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I'm very surprised and extremely pleased that people did stuff for my birthday 6m9

my mentions notifications appear to be broken so I might have missed a few (in which case you should probably send me a message) but I'm gonna make a list of some of the cool shit people made for me for my birthday in no particular order:

:iconkeymayers: happy birthday hedgehodgemonster!
:iconlittle-cow-1997: Giggles congrats you!
:iconinkenn: Sego
:iconzeikier: lasaga Frontier
:iconkarhs: !! COLLISION ERROR sego.cs(414, 15)
:iconyume029: Chibi Chubby (Might aswell post it here)
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>Finding quality content of Giggles on deviantART is hard for some reason.

>also I keep running into people calling her a "whore" or a "slut" for whatever fucking reason

>all the humanizations give her a bob cut and I'm not sure why so few people ever do anything different with the humanizations

>People keep headcanoning Flaky as either a girl or a boy as if other options do not or cannot exist

>the girls in HTF were literally the first time I ever saw girl cartoon characters NOT being "exempt" from violence being inflicted on them in a cartoon. Or at least, the first time I could remember it.
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about how a green bear from a 2000s Flash cartoon about joyous woodland animals is a huge gross mary sue

because he is kind of unemployed and has too much time on his hands right now

NOW, I'm not saying this argument is flawless, or that it's sound. It definitely needs a lot of fucking work, but I'm gonna present it to you anyway

basically, the main "gimmick",  or in other words, the "shtick" as such, of Happy Tree Friends is that it's a bait-and-switch. It's a prank toon that got incredibly popular.

each episode starts off by presenting you with a harmless-looking adorable pastel-colored world inhabited with lots of cute critters which lures the viewer unfamiliar with the show into a false sense of security.

let me rephrase that- it's deliberately made to look like something out of a children's cartoon or storybook, the latter quite blatantly so in places. Lots of nostalgia is invoked if you're in the older set that saw the cartoons and things HTF pays mild visual tribute to.

you are presented an idealistic, wide-eyed innocent world where you can and possibly do literally easily believe that nothing bad can ever happen. And that's when the show pulls a fast one on you blood starts spurting and the guts are all over the sidewalk, there's brains on a corner and everyone's dead, and fire coming out of a monkey's head.

When the surprise wears off, you can still enjoy the juxtaposition of disgusting, over-the-top bloody violence and adorable candy-colored critters, who ARE genuinely adorable. 

BUT, and this is a big but:

Flippy's character design FUCKS THAT CAREFUL SETUP UP.

he just marches in with his army camo and dog tags, and is explicitly a war veteran. And one of the official artworks has him riding a bomb in homage to the ending of Dr. Strangelove.
the presence of his army uniform alone tips you off to the idea that there is a military in the HTF universe, that there is and has been war in the HTF universe, that mass-scale death and violence has occurred in the HTF setting before

So he ruins the "surprise" for newer viewers. 

All the other character designs for the HTF characters don't really do that the way Flippy does
Splendid is a superhero, a concept that's already wide-eyed idealistic in a way, and so is already pretty fantastical and works within the "children's book/toon" theme.
Russell is a pirate, but hell, five year olds fucking LOVE pirates. People remember the swords and the hook hands and the eyepatches and the precious booty and the inexplicable Cornwall accent without remembering that violence and bloodshed is involved.

TL;DR: War is very real and soldiers are very real (for us, the viewers), when compared to superheroes and cornwall-accented pirates and so is the violence associated with them- so Flippy ruins the surprise of the violence for the audience.


Flippy is not only a poor design, he's also an incredibly terrible character:

He's THE singular main recurring character shown explicitly and deliberately (as opposed to accidentally or unintentionally like literally everyone else) killing other characters.

And he's hyper-competent and borderline unstoppable at killing other characters, too. Unlike Lumpy who, even when he's flexing his villain muscles, is still a hilarious fuckup.

He seems to BEND the plot of 90% of his episodes to revolve exclusively around him and his murder shtick- like with that Double Whammy two-parter ep and that ep with Cub's tricycle, instead of doing the usual thing HTF does. Though arguably, the tricycle ep passes because it's a tribute to horror movies.

Plus he's a "hollywood psycho". his entire motivation for killing people stems from this... poorly and unfortunately written mental illness. He's got this version of a split personality disorder that only exists in terrible movies.

EDIT: One of my tumblr friends added that:

"another thing for your argument: Flippy is basically a giant ableist stereotype which depicts all people with PTSD as time bombs waiting to go off and kill everyone. It plays on the struggle of someone with PTSD for laughs. Which is pretty fucked up."

EDIT 2: A friend here on deviantART adds that:

"Even the name Flippy implies "flipping out" in a pretty disgusting and ableist way. I mean, after all, they may as well have turned the blatant stereotyping up to 11 and called him Skitzy.

And note, I haven't seen much HTF, nor am I really qualified to critique it accurately, but if all the characters have to die at some point, then what is it about Flippy that makes him the recurring survivor? Other than the fact HTF always starts each episode off all innocent and normal again, Flippy has this air about him of "let's just toy with his trauma so he can get even more triggered in the next episode". 

This character, to me, falls into the same category as Seth McFarlane's recurring stereotypes, meant solely to take the piss out of a particular group of people - while failing to provide any logical reason other than derogatory satire."

EDIT 3: And another friend of mine on deviantART sums up the argument about why he's a Mary Sue brilliantly as:

" hes an indestructible "PSYCHO"-esque character who kills everybody every time and is "badass", super rich, has a huge house with a bunch of priceless shit, laides looove him, etc "

EDIT 4: And another friend adds that "Flippy's "official" illness is PTSD, but his symptoms are more similar to DID/MPD", but while even THEN his symptoms do not match up with that of MPD, "Hollywood's idea of MPD does".

He then goes on to add: "I had an uncle who served in 'Nam and has PTSD, and he tends to get more depressed and suicidal than bloodthirsty and insane"

SO, let's go over that again- 

egregiously stand-out design, incredibly powerful and murderous, near-unstoppable, forces the plots to focus on him, plus- he's "insane"... That sounds like a "Mary Sue" to me, fucking hell.

... hell, come to think about it, "Double Whammy" comes off as like a really shitty fanfic when I think about it,

Granted, this argument is tainted with bias. I am incredibly biased against Flippy. Mostly because of nasty experiences with some of his fans and because he commands a lot of popularity in spite of not being properly representative of the series and it's shtick.

And because of the glaring hypocrisy in how fans treat "Flippy-Sues" compared to how they treat Flippy. It's very rooted in glaring misogyny which this fandom has a slight undercurrent of- you can spot bits of it in how some of the fans call Giggles a slut.

Though actually, the treatment and condemnation of Mary Sues in general in ALL fandoms is pretty much based on sexism.

Simply put- Flippy gets away with being a Mary-Sue because he's a guy character, and because he's canon, in the same way that, for example, BATMAN gets away with being a Mary Sue. And you can bet that if both of them were suddenly girls instead of guys they'd get hate out the asshole.

And if Giggles was a dude they'd probably treat him like some sort of ladies man or something.


IMO, if the entire HTF show was focused about cute animals engaging in bloody warfare like that Operation Tiger Bomb short was, then Flippy would stand out far less and NOT be a Mary Sue. He fits in well with THAT spin-off world more than with the main HTF world.
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Real Cash.  

PayPal will be given once I've agreed to do a commission with you

Five Slots for now.

Price listing:… for a visual with examples

Single Character, Fullbody, Flat colors: 15.00 USD
+ Shading: 5.00 USD
+ Extra characters: 5.00 USD/character
+ Background: 10.00 USD/hour spent on background

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