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ZONER MANIFESTATION by HedgehodgeMonster

painted while listening to Witch house music. Specifically this

while Zoners tend to invade and seem to cross over into other worlds, they are still chained to their prison dimension, the NULL_ZONE. 

This causes them to flit back and forth rapidly between the two worlds, causing them to appear as if they are “glitching” or “flickering”.

The face-symbol of a Zoner does not exhibit this flickering and often is visible during the moments when the rest of a Zoner’s body is not. It is speculated that the face-symbol is the “core” or “mind” of the Zoner and the source of their ability to destabilize localized space-time and physics (aka “Unreality” abilities). 

Though of course, this rapid teleportation means that if they manage to interact with or latch onto something in the invaded dimension, they’ll end up pulling it into the NULL_ZONE with them when they “snap back” fully and stop invading that world.

Though information is lacking, it’s speculated that the bigger a Zoner is, the bigger objects they can pull into the NULL_ZONE. But the harder it is for them to cross over into other worlds. 

That’s why the majority of Zoner sightings have them described as being little bigger than [humans], and there has only ever been one confirmed manifestation of a “giant” Zoner so far, and only a single unverified sighting afterwards. Both incidents seem to concern the same giant Zoner.

This giant Zoner was big enough to pull in an entire city into the NULL_ZONE and had a “smiley face” symbol for a face. He was nicknamed “Otto” by those that escaped him after Evil Otto from the arcade game Berzerk.

In addition several people claiming to have seen Zoners in dreams or visions have claimed that Zoner Otto is still very far from being the largest Zoner in existence and that they’ve glimpsed at the largest Zoner in existence-

They describe a Zoner potentially big enough to pull entire solar systems into the NULL_ZONE, who, unlike all of his smaller brethren, lacks any sort of defined face-symbol. They call him Zoner “No”.

Gonna talk about pairings/shippings of small pastel woodland animals who die an awful lot.

Keep in mind that while everything in here is mostly my own opinion/personal preferences but that does not make me exempt for criticism, callouts, and discussion. 

 One of the HUGE pairings that everyone and their grandma seems to do art for. And one of the pairings I absolutely LOATHE. It's overdone and you can't swing a dead porcupine or grizzly bear corpse around without running into FlippyXFlaky shipping.

What doesn't help is the way it's portrayed most of the time- or the way Flippy is depicted as some sort of "bad boy" Mary-sue deal in most of them (it's kind of like they mashed up his normal personality and his flipped-out one together)

FlippyXPetunia This ship is fairly uncommon but it's been irredeemably ruined for me because I've, to date, met two or three homophobes who liked this ship. Including one who I had quite an extensive feud with because they were an asshole to people who drew non-heterosexual ships.

CuddlesXGiggles This ship is about as overdone as FlippyXFlaky and is also one of the few ships to actually be kind of canon and used really fucking often in the early days of HTF, but I find it kind of bleh now. "Carpal Tunnel of Love" is fun to listen to sometimes though

I do tolerate it a lot more than the previous two ships I've mentioned though

Any non-het ship involving Flippy Is usually okay in my book, because their opponents are usually pieces of gross homophobic shit that crawled out of some heinous anus from Russia or Eastern Europe, and usually likes the subpar FxF and FxP ships.

FlippyXSplendid Okay so most people say this ship makes no sense because the characters have never interacted with each other. Fair enough but that didn't stop anyone from shipping Flippy and Petunia who only interacted ONCE and that was for Flippy to slam her face into a fryer. 

FlippyXLumpy I actually started shipping this to spite someone who was a homophobic shithead, and it ended up sticking. To be fair, there is a canon basis for this- they did hang out together and genuinely seemed to enjoy each other's company, also Flip cheers Lumpy on during a swimming contest in the same ep

NuttyXSniffles THIS IS A SHIP I DIDN'T THINK I'D REMOTELY LIKE BUT THEN :iconstrawberrysquidd: and her fanart of it happened


GigglesXNutty I'm not sure where I got into this. I guess I figured since Giggles was the same color as Cotton candy it'd make sense for her to get Nutty's attention

GigglesXFlaky I've only played around with this ship a few times, and I like it. Except for when people try to turn it into a het ship by making Flaky a dude or something.

Also bonus is Giggles is my favorite HTF and Flaky is my bff :iconemikochan13:'s favorite HTF so it's like we're mashing our waifus together

GigglesXPetunia This is one of the "obvious" pairings because they're always being shown hanging out with each other and stuff and being really cute but I don't see enough people on this bandwagon like what the fuck is your problem get on it.

FlakyXCuddles Instead of an abusive ex-military grizzly bear to go with your nervous porcupine how about a prankster sk8er rabbit who wears bunny slippers in public instead

FlakyXLammy It has everything that FlakyXFlippy has except it's about at least a million times better and not overdone

GigglesXRussell Yeah this seems to be the main canon ship they're going for with Giggles right now also it's pretty cute. Especially if you imagine Giggles as being Russell's second in command or both of them dressed as pirates or something

this isn't even the full list of pastel woodland animal ships i endorse I assure you.

the full list is dangerous and powerful and exposure to this much of it already pretty risky
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